Maurice Kirya to Drop New Album this Year

Maurice Kirya, through his Twitter account has announced that he’ll be dropping a new album this year.

Maurice last released an album in 2019 called ‘Beyond Myself’. According to him, this is going to be his most expensive album so far.

This is because he has invested a lot of his time, soul and money in putting the album together during the pandemic.

This by far will be the most expensive album I’ve EVER MADE, I poured my soul and my bank account into it, making such a body of work during a pandemic is no joke, especially with the regulations on shows. I am just so happy that it’s almost ready for you! #trtkalbumjourney

Maurice Kirya tweeted


Maurice Kirya is a Ugandan singer, songwriter, actor, and humanitarian. He is a celebrated household name in East Africa with over a decade-long wealth of experience in the music industry

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