Rihanna’s Ripping up the Maternity Fashion Rulebook.

Since Rihanna announced her first pregnancy with A$AP Rocky last Monday in an epic look that featured a hot pink knee-length Chanel puffer jacket and belly chains, she’s made it clear that her vision of maternity style is here to shake things up. She’s worn everything from a black lace-up Jean Paul Gaultier top and low rise pants to accentuate her baby bump, to a showstopping vintage denim and leopard print patchworked coat paired with jeans and a Fendi crop top—all while dripping in plenty of dazzling Jacquie Aiche gold body chains, naturally. 


Many have already paid tribute to Rihanna’s fearless approach to ripping up the maternity fashion rulebook. Instead of covering up her baby bump in loose-fitting knits and wrap dresses, she’s simply adapted her signature blend of high-octane glamour and streetwear pieces for her new figure, celebrating and spotlighting the beauty of impending motherhood while honoring her own individual style.

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