Rema Steps Into Album Mode With his new Single ‘Calm down’

Nigerian popstar and musician Rema has finally released the release date of his highly anticipated album.

Rema and Don Jazzy

This comes with the release of his newest single, Calm Down. A quick tempo tune where he helplessly confesses romantic feelings and obsession with a certain love interest.

Rema photograph by Wonderland

The timing of the song could not be any more perfect. If there is any time to drop a promotional single, it is now, and if anything, it has to be a love song in time for the favored valentine season.

The single carries the artwork of his upcoming album Rave & Roses. However, in the song visualiser, two entities are featured in a moving train.

One is a big brown teddy bear wearing a gloomy look, as it holds a flaming rose while suffering injuries from fired arrows. The other is a startled girl in a yellow dress and white shoes. While this may be just another unique animated montage meant for promotion like Rema usually does for his releases, it is interesting to note that the song visualiser for Calm Down draws heavy inspiration from Disney’s 1991 feature film Beauty and The Beast.

Rema in Studio

According to Culturecustodian, Calm Down is based on the thrill of finding love, the chase of a love interest, and addressing the flip side of unreciprocated feelings and disappointment at the beginning.

Calm down has received warm reception his its midnight release, it has gone to trend for the past hours on Twitter, just as it continues to make headlines. His mate in the industry Omah Lay who is also gearing up for his debut album this year, was among people to give Rema accolades on Twitter, saying,

“Rema be going all out every now and then, that calm down song slaps!!”

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