P-Square reactivated, watch live concert this December.

Nigerian music duo, P-Square made of two brothers, Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye recently thrilled an audience in their house after they threw a plush birthday party to celebrate their birthday moments after reuniting after being apart for a long time.

P-Square brothers made peace and now are back together to make music

It would be vividly recalled that the twin brothers went their separate ways in 2017. This was after one of the P-Square half, Peter Okoye allegedly delivered instructed their lawyer through a letter to dissolve the group. Prior to that, the duo had tempted to split up in 2016, allegedly over a disagreement about their manager’s role.

Well that is now history as the two singing brothers made peace.

Videos surfaced on social media which captured the Peter and Paul hugging and exchanging pleasantries as they reunited after 5 years of beefing and not seeing eye to eye. The news sparked a lot of excitement among fans of the duo and some of their colleagues in the industry.

The singing twins thrilled audience with electric performance

Numerous sources confirm that P-Square is back on the scene after regrouping and now set to take over the African entertainment world with their tremendous talent.

First off, upon reunion, the pair have already started performing together on same stage. In a video making rounds on social media, shows Peter and Paul thrill the audience with an electric performance during their birthday party cerebrations.

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