Jux and Huddah Monroe Share Steamy Kiss in newly Released Video: HuntrMania

In the Simuachi video, the Tanzanian artist Juma Jux and Huddah Monroe flirt on set, a lavish mansion with a garden. They dine, take a ride on a convertible and share a kiss.

Monroe shows off her beauty and style in the video, switching up her looks from gowns, to an edgier look with a leather short and boots later on.

A trumpet plays on as the pair share another passionate kiss towards the end of the three-minute and 22-second music video.

“Have you ever seen me kiss anyone? There you go,” Monroe captioned a screenshot of their kiss on Instagram.The two have been rumoured to be romantically involved in the past, but both have denied those reports [Courtesy]

Huddah Monroe and Juma Jux

Jux and Monroe have been rumoured to be involved romantically in the past, but both have maintained that there is nothing but friendship between them.

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Last year, the Nitasubiri singer refuted reports of a relationship with Huddah, saying that he sees her “like a sister.”

Ni msichana mrembo, ana asilimia kama themanini hivi ya vigezo ninavyovihitaji kwa mwanamke, lakini hiyo haifanyi mimi na yeye tukawa wapenzi, namheshimu kama dada yangu na tumekuwa tukishirikiana sana kwenye kazi, isitoshe Hudah ana mtu wake

Juma Jux

But hawk-eyed netizens continued to have their eyes on them. The two were spotted vacationing at similar destinations in Zanzibar in March 2020, causing a stir.

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