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Fik Fameica (26) is a Ugandan rapper, writer and musician from Kampala the city of street fashion commonly titled as “Kikumba” by the locals and the youth who have absorbed the style lately.

Fik Fameica has proclaimed himself best at the Ugandan and African music scene as a whole with collaborations from stars like Partoranking, Casper Nyovest, Wizkid and signed under record label Fresh Gang and Empawa Africa.

“Kikumba” is basically a slung to mean high end fashion originating from the street not runway which the youth have absorbed in Kampala lately.

The style has been adopted by many artists and the youth in general in Kampala and many parts of the country. Fik Fameica a once celebrity stylist with a good fashion sense that once led to his elimination in school.

Fik Fameica at the MTN headquarters in Kampala last Friday

He was expelled from school for dressing tight trousers.

Our reporter
Champion Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica is one of the most influential people in Africa influencing many young people in the fashion and music industry thanks to his inspiration background as a ghetto youth which he represents in his fashion and style.

Fik Fameica photo by Xzent Montage
The fact that the rap King Kong can rock both Street wear, vintage and couture in his style
makes him a king of “Kikumba” style.

Latest track by Fik Fameica under emPawa Africa

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