Juliana Kanyomozi Returns To Stage with Serena Concert After 8 years: HuntrMania

The queen herself Juliana Kanyomozi pulled up a legendary stage performance at Kampala Serena hotel as she returned to stage after eight years.

The highly anticipated show attracted a huge turn-up of fans who were eager to witness the diva’s return to the stage after 8 years.

Juliana on stage

As she made her way to the stage at around 9 pm, Juliana Kanyomozi was welcomed by wild applause from the congregation before she got underway with her performances.

She performed for about two hours and left the stage before midnight.

Juliana and Aziz Azion on stage

The show featured different Ugandan artists like Sweet Kid who together performed their collaboration song titled “Silina” very much to the amazement of the revelers who sang along, word for word, Aziz Azion, Steve Keys among others.

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