Big Brother Naija Season 7: Meet the 20 Housemates

Big Brother Naija, Nigeria’s most popular reality TV show, kicked off its latest season on Sunday evening with the expected razzmatazz and glitz. 20 housemates were unveiled to the excited audience, each with their own unique personality and background. The show, which is in its seventh season, has become a cultural phenomenon in Nigeria and has spread to other countries in Africa.

The housemates come from different parts of Nigeria and Africa, representing a diverse range of cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. Some of the housemates are entrepreneurs, while others are students, models, and even a lawyer. The audience is already excited to see how the housemates will interact and compete with each other during the 72-day duration of the show.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the show is the drama and the tension that unfolds between the housemates. The audience is looking forward to seeing how the housemates will handle the stresses of living in close quarters with people from different backgrounds and how they will handle the various challenges and tasks that Big Brother will throw at them.

The show is also known for its social media engagement, with fans and viewers discussing the show on various platforms, which also is a sign of popularity and interest. The show’s hashtag, #BBNaija, has been trending on Twitter since the premiere, with fans and viewers sharing their thoughts and opinions on the housemates and the show.

The show is set to be a wild ride, and the audience is excited to see how the housemates will handle the pressure and the challenges that come with being on the show. With a diverse group of housemates and the expected drama and tension, this season of Big Brother Naija is sure to be a hit with audiences.

Meet the housemates in the BBTitans:

* The show began with the first housemate Khosi, who was unveiled on Sunday night. Elated and gorgeously dressed Khosi is a journalist from South Africa aged 25.

* Yemi Cregx from Nigeria is a fashion influencer and he is 30 year-old.

* Olivia is an actress and content creator from Nigeria, she is 23 year-old.

* Nelisa, the fifth housemate is a South African, born in Durban and raised in Cape Town. The 25-year-old said she her great energy and trouble follow her everywhere. She fancies men that are tall dark and handsome.

* Nana is an entrepreneur who dropped out of school. She is from Kaduna State, Nigeria, aged 22.

* Ipeleng is a Law student and aspiring content creator. She is 25-year-old.

* Marvin exuded much energy and showed some of his qualities including his athletic body and six-pack, and ability to
move it to rhythms. He is 29-year-old chemical engineer and model from Nigeria.

* Thabang is a Data analyst from Soweto, South Africa. He said he is always ready to groove.

* JayPee is a Nurse from Lagos State, Nigeria. She said she is ready to show off her drip in the House.

* Yaya is a model, actress and TV presenter from South Africa, aged 31.

* Ebubu is an actor and a model. He is 28-year-old from Anambra State, Nigeria and feels ecstatic and elated as a housemate. He intends to fall in love in the House.

* Khehla is a sales executive from South Africa and aged 31.

* Jenni O is a Health and Safety specialist from Nigeria. She is 25.

* Tsatsii is an art lover and a scientist from South Africa. She is 24.

* Kanaga Junior from South Eastern part of Nigeria, came dancing, full of energy and showing different steps.

* Justin is a content creator from South Africa. He is 21-year-old.

* Yvonne is a model, skincare enthusiast and interior designer from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. She is 27-year-old.

All the 20 housemates will be vying for a cash prize of $100,000 and other mouth-watering prizes over the 10 weeks.

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