Sauti Sol’s Chimano finds identity and peace in his first solo EP: HuntrMania

If you are going through life, confused about your identity and trying to establish a path that will allow you to fulfil your purpose, then a new collection of songs by a member of one of Africa’s leading bands may inspire you to explore your inner self and gain the confidence to personal freedom.


Willis Austin Chimano, the baritone voice of Sauti Sol, who once described himself as a creative introvert is emerging from his shell with the release of his first solo project, the EP “Heavy Is the Crown”.

“The title is about wearing your crown with pride and not waiting for someone else to validate your existence. When you do your own thing, in your way, it can be taxing,” he explains.

The singer/songwriter is living life on his terms, from his bold, retro fashion sense to championing individual freedom, which his solo project allows him, away from the confines of the group.

The collection of seven songs, recorded over six months and officially released a week ago is part of that personal evolution with themes that all connect with this newly discovered sense of purpose.

The overarching theme behind each of the songs is just about expressing myself, my story, my vulnerability, my truth, doing justice to myself and to other people who may be confused about their identity


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