Zari Hassan Excites fans with Heartfelt Message to Baby Daddy, Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan is one of those women who are genuinely adored by many fans on social media and in Africa.

Apart from being a beauty, Zarina Hassan is a smart lady who has built herself over the years; and now rumor has it that she is ranked among the wealthiest women in Africa.

Apart from being a business mogul; Zari is also a mum of 5 but looking at her you wouldn’t even say that she has kinda. Beauty.

Ugly split

However about 4 years ago she parted ways with baby daddy Diamond Platnumz; and things between these two just kept going south.

Well, there was a lot of bitterness in the relationship – especially from Zari who had been cheated on by the Bongo singer; who on the other hand kept making it worse by embarrassing and abusing Zari on social media before the tables turned!

Co parenting

Just like most parents, coparenting did not seem to work out for the first few years; but so far Zari and Diamond Platnumz seem to have figured out something.

Judging from the few videos and photos shared by their kids (Tiffah; and Nilan) we understand that Diamond Platnumz has not only been supporting his kids financially; but has also been visiting them in South Africa.

Word has it that they even have a reality show coming up; and Diamond Platnumz career not shining as bright as before – I guess this is his plan B.

Anyway with a few more weeks to go before the show is aired on Netflix; Zari this past weekend went on to appreciate baby daddy in a new post where she wrote;

It takes only a brave to turn around and do the right thing. The smiles on @princess_tiffah & @princenillan are priceless. We appreciate you papa

Zari Hassan

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