Politician Bobi Wine Meets Ugandan Celebrities in Magere

On Saturday 28th August, 2021, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine coordinated a morning meal at his home in Magere where he welcomed various performers.

A portion of the artistes who reacted to his call incorporate Karole Kasita, Irene Namatovu, Nina Roz, Kabako, Feffe Busi, Dr. Hilderman, Tuff B, A Pass, Kazibwe Kapo, Mamuli Katumba, Aziz Azion, Yung Mulo, Mary Bata, A Pass, Mathias Walukagga, Fik Fameica, Topic Kasente, Zex Bilangilangi, Dr. Bitone among others.

The gathering additionally had a few neighborhood jokesters, advertisers and different partners in media outlets who likewise went to face to face.

The plan of the gathering left numerous onlookers and pundits pointing in various ways attempting to think of what might have yielded such a gathering.

It came at the back of the Gulu retreat which some of the above-mentioned artistes attended and they were heavily criticized of being “beggers.”

After the meeting, the Firebase crew boss revealed that the meeting was intended at keeping the artistes united towards achieving the desired goals of the creatives industry.

Bobi Wine asked the artistes to remain united and aim at improving the entertainment industry together with different brilliant ideas.

“Together, we lay down our thoughts on what we believe the future of the creative industry should look like. The alternative minister of Arts and Culture Hon. Kiyaga was present to take note of our deliberations and we believe that he will channel these brilliant ideas across the entertainment fraternity for a stronger and more unifying voice,” Bobi Wine said.

HuntrMania Bobiwine

Bobi reminded the artistes about how he was restricted from performing even before Coronavirus hit the country and how they should emulate his truth-speaking character and represent the voices of the people.

“Artistes need to remember that even before Covid-19 broke out, I was restricted from performing on stage because I speak the truth, but I have not died. So, they need to stand on the truth and represent the voice of their people,” Bobi added.

Since branding the Gulu entourage as “beggers”, Bobi Wine has been attacked by several artistes who have since labeled him “selfish.” I response to that, he said:

“A person who is bribed not to speak the truth that’s going to affect millions of people is a selfish person. I am just a signal that shows the power of art, and maybe I awakened those who fought to know that if they don’t destroy the art industry, it may bring another Bobi Wine.”

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