Oxlade and Camila Cabello Re-make KULOSA track

Nigerian singer, Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman popularly know as Oxlade delivered a lovely single titled ‘KU LO SA’ performed at the A COLORS SHOW in June this year.

The hit has been on the rise ever since, after being endorsed by top Nigerian artists like WizKid who gave Oxlade a platform at his show in France Accor Arena making the track the most Shazammed song in France and many more countries in Africa and at the global stage.

Camila Cabello [25] Cuban-born American singer and songwriter and Oxlade together on an instagram tagged post, shared the remix of KU LO SA and the official release date. This announcement sparked the internet receiving positive feedback from the fund from both camps yarning for the track to be out on 10th December.


Official Video;

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