Netflix Announces ‘Wednesday’ Will Return for Season 2

One of the most viewed Netflix releases of all time Wednesday amassed over 341 million viewing hours worldwide within its first week on the platform, according to the streaming giant. In doing so, the series grabbed the crown from Stranger Things for the biggest debut streaming week for an English language series. The following week, it beat its own record with more than 411 million views.

Ahead of the announcement, streaming giant shared a video on social media revisiting the final question of the first season: “The End?”

The beginning of the Wednesday teaser – soundtracked by Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” – shows the brooding teenager being driven away from the school for the supernatural, flashing back to her incredibly strange and danger-driven first semester there. Ahead of the official announcement, Netflix shared a clip of Wednesday typing away at the desk in her blackened dorm room. When she reached the final page of the book she’s been writing, she brings it to a close with a question: “The End?”

Not quite. “It’s been incredible to create a show that has connected with people across the world,” creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar told Netflix’s Tudum. “Thrilled to continue Wednesday’s tortuous journey into season two.”

“We can’t wait to dive head first into another season and explore the kooky spooky world of Nevermore. Just need to make sure Wednesday hasn’t emptied the pool first.”

They added

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