Na Money by Davido is One of the Biggest Fashion Music Films of the year; Here’s Why?

Davido’s “Na Money” Video: A Fashion Masterpiece Redefining Afrobeats Visuals

In the dynamic landscape of Afrobeats, where music and fashion converge to create vibrant cultural expressions, Davido’s “Na Money” video is a statement to the genre’s evolving aesthetics. Released as part of his fourth studio album, “Timeless,” this visual spectacle not only showcases Davido’s musical power but also sets a new standard for fashion-forward storytelling within the genre.

Courtesy Sony Quincy

From the moment the video begins, viewers are transported to the enchanting streets of Paris, where the fusion of African and European influences sets the stage for a sartorial extravaganza. Directed by the visionary Dammy Twitch, the “Na Money” visuals exude opulence and sophistication, mirroring the song’s theme of affluence and success.

One of the most striking elements of the video is the meticulous attention to detail in costume design. Collaborating with talented designers like Veeke James from Nigeria, Davido’s wardrobe exudes regal elegance and contemporary flair. Each outfit not only complements the artist’s persona but also reflects the rich tapestry of African fashion heritage. From traditional Nigerian attire to modern haute couture, every ensemble tells a story of cultural pride and creative innovation.

Courtesy Sony Quincy

Central to the video’s fashion narrative is Davido himself, who effortlessly embodies the role of a modern-day African king. His sartorial choices command attention, blending traditional motifs with contemporary silhouettes to create a visual spectacle that is both timeless and cutting-edge. Whether adorned in intricately embroidered agbada or sleek tailored suits, Davido exudes confidence and charisma, solidifying his status as a fashion icon within the Afrobeats community.

Courtesy Sony Quincy

Complementing Davido’s impeccable style are the standout performances from his co-stars, The Cavemen and Angelique Kidjo. As emerging talents in the Nigerian music scene, The Cavemen bring a fresh perspective to the video, infusing it with youthful energy and vibrancy. Their fashion choices reflect a fusion of traditional and modern elements, echoing the eclectic spirit of Afrobeats music.

Courtesy Sony Quincy

Meanwhile, the legendary Angelique Kidjo adds a touch of international allure to the proceedings, her presence elevating the video to transcendent heights. Renowned for her bold fashion statements and fearless creativity, Kidjo’s wardrobe exudes confidence and authenticity, serving as a powerful symbol of African excellence on the global stage.

Courtesy Sony Quincy

Against the backdrop of a majestic chateau, Davido’s “Na Money” video unfolds as a visual symphony of style and substance. Each frame is meticulously crafted to showcase the beauty and diversity of African fashion, inviting viewers on a journey of cultural discovery and celebration. From the bustling streets of Lagos to the grandeur of Paris, the video transcends geographical boundaries, uniting audiences in a shared appreciation for the richness of African heritage.

As we celebrate the legacy of African creativity and ingenuity, “Na Money” emerges as a timeless masterpiece that will undoubtedly inspire generations to come.

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