Inside Thebe Magugu Pompeii Club 1969 Party

Held at the Egyptian pyramid replica in downtown Johansburg, South Africa by reknown fashion designer and one time LVMH prize winner Thebe Magugu, was a night of fashion and lifestyle to celebrate five years of Thebe Magugu brand.

THEBE MAGUGU is a young designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Originally from the small town of Kimberley, he moved to Johannesburg to study fashion design, fashion photography and fashion media from LISOF.

The Pompeii Club (1969) party was inspired by Bob Fosse’s “sweet charity” film, guests turned up the drama in a variety of looks merging 20’s glamour with 60’s frivolity- raving to an iconic lineup of artists like Focalistic, Que DJ, Black Coffee, Ms Party, TNXBK and Franadilla.

Black Coffee
Guests at the Pompeii Party

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