Diamond Platnumz fails to win BET Awards for the fourth time.

UPDATE: Diamond Platnumz fails to win BET Awards for the fourth time.

East African singer Diamond Platnumz has once again failed to win a BET Award for the fourth time and he lost this year’s award to Nigeria’s pop star Burna Boy.

Diamond has been nominated four times for BET Awards in the years 2014,2016,2017 and 2021 but the Bongo Fleva star has never been chosen to take the award home.

The 2021 BET Awards that took place last night in Los Angels, Nigerian Pop star Burna Boy was announced the winner of the Best International Act category.

This comes after many Tanzanians teamed up to sign over 30,000 petitions to get Diamond disqualified from the BET Awards something BET didn’t respond to but instead gave the award to a Nigerian singer that was competing with him

However Diamond has taken to his social platforms to thank the fans who have voted and pushed him this far, he has also called out fellow Tanzanians to push hard because it can’t be him alone representing the country.

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