Celebrating Black History Month: The Timeless Elegance of Cornrows

Cornrows, if I must emphasize, have always been a timeless style staple, transcending centuries and cultures. Whether they are being used as slave communication route marks in the early 1500s to modern-day versatile bridal styling or an affordable hair care measure- cornrows row the hairboat with grace.

Historically, cornrows date far back to 3000 B.C., particularly from the Horn and West coasts of Africa. Acknowledging hair trends without highlighting the enduring appeal and cultural significance of cornrows, especially during the month of February, would be ridiculous.

Several neat strands of three’s and two’s that could almost be mistaken for stitches, are smartly hand plaited onto the head to create a pattern of designs with hair. The sight of fñawñessñy executed cornrows is a bewilderment in itself, emphasizing the beholder’s forehead in a shiny elegance. 

Most associates of hair braiding will say, almost in warning- “you ought to be pretty to rock those ones.” If you’re in a hair salon, the other clients will look at you with an unwavering pitiful smile. Not because of your physical attributes, that’s usually the least of concerns. It’s the process of plaiting them itself.

The rest of the clients will spot the few tears beaming at the corner of your eyes which you’ll aggressively try to blink away whilst your head skin inclines further away from the skull. It’s remarkable perseverance to go through the plaiting of those cornrows that could range from just one to forty utmost as it is for the hair braider. You ought to remember to purchase a pain reliever that evening. If you’re lucky, you’re relieved in two nights. If it was the cheap salon at the furthest end of the street, it might get a few pimples before it heals. Even so, amidst the physical discomfort lies a testament to resilience and the enduring pursuit of a mesmerizing pattern.

From being a communication medium to a practical hairstyle, cornrows are now fashion statements. Artists like Lil Yachty, A$AP Rocky and Drake wearing them adorned with pearls, to Rihanna and Keke Palmer embellishing theirs with beads and diamonds. accessorizing cornrows adds a touch of flair and individuality.

Accessorizing cornrows not only adds a touch of flair but also highlights the details of individuality pop.

A flawless cornrow hairdo consists of a perfect pattern idea, a skilled braider preferably friend(ly) and ignore the molding gel if you don’t want dried white residue clinging onto you. If you’d like to celebrate your hair, rosemary water or oil spray would do quite the service of vitality and healthy texture.

As we celebrate diversity and inclusivity in fashion, let us recognize the enduring legacy and beauty of cornrows in shaping contemporary hair trends.

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