Balenciaga Unveils Fall 24 in Los Angeles

In a groundbreaking move on December 2nd, 2023, Balenciaga made history by presenting its Fall 2024 collection in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Demna Gvasalia, the creative force behind the iconic fashion house, brought to life a mesmerizing display that seamlessly blended high fashion with the unique cultural codes of the City of Angels. The event unfolded on a palm tree-lined street, set to the captivating beats of a custom track by BFRND, featuring multiple voiceovers that underscored the cinematic and character-driven essence of the collection.

The runway journey began with an energetic activewear chapter that redefined the boundaries of sporty fashion. Balenciaga introduced a range of essentials, including shorts, bra tops, leggings, and sweatshirts. These pieces, marked by simplicity and functionality, cater to the modern lifestyle, effortlessly transitioning from jogging and yoga to high-intensity gym sessions.

The show then took a nostalgic turn with a jersey section paying homage to the American velour tracksuit trend of the aughts and celebrity street style. Balenciaga’s reinvention featured low-slung trousers and cropped hooded jackets, evoking a sense of rebellious glamour. The knee-high Alaska boots added a touch of boldness, perfectly complementing the urban aesthetic.

The introduction of neo-grunge injected a rebellious spirit into the collection. Oversized and layered garments dominated this segment, with standout items like cut-up asymmetric trousers, a hand-embroidered leopard-motif coat, and leather bags lined with nylon shopper totes. The juxtaposition of luxury and casual elements showcased Demna’s masterful ability to play with contrasts.

As the show progressed, Balenciaga seamlessly transitioned into upscaled daywear and signature tailoring. Outsize proportions and precise tailoring characterized this section, with flattened square shoulders and tweed sets making a bold statement. A hooded jacket with an integrated scarf not only added a touch of practicality but also served as a stylish paparazzi deterrent.

The eveningwear segment was a grand finale, paying homage to the heritage of Balenciaga by referencing original designs from Cristóbal Balenciaga himself. Shapes and silhouettes were highly defined, with wrapped coat-dresses creating angular, plush forms and tailored one-shoulder gowns imparting a softer impression. The show concluded with a monumental white gown in heavy white satin featuring a structured face shield, adding an element of mystery and incognito allure.

Balenciaga’s Fall 2024 collection also unveiled a stunning array of accessories. The new croc-embossed Rodeo bag, named after the iconic Beverly Hills street, stood out, alongside essential carriers like the knitted 24/7 tote and the Monaco tote. The eyewear collection showcased evolved mask and batwing shapes, introducing the super flexible Malibu line with elastic temples and premium titanium construction. The show introduced a new footwear sensation – the 10XL Sneaker – characterized by an exaggerated sense of proportion, a signature Balenciaga style, available in exclusive colorways.

Immediately following the show, Balenciaga treated its audience to a range of exclusive release items, including leather and paper tote bags, jerseys, caps, and aprons in collaboration with Erewhon, the L.A.-based grocery store phenomenon. The Le Cagole Tote XL, No Logo jersey pieces, and high jewelry in collaboration with Jacob & Co. added a touch of opulence, reflecting the essence of American youth culture with a touch of Made in the USA luxury.

In unveiling Fall 2024 in Los Angeles, Balenciaga not only showcased Demna Gvasalia’s creative brilliance but also reaffirmed the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion and embracing the cultural nuances of diverse urban landscapes. The collection is a testament to Balenciaga’s ability to blend innovation, nostalgia, and luxury, setting the stage for a new era of haute couture.

A Look into the Balenciga Fall 24 Collection

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