“African Art is the Future of Fashion.” Ashunter Lubega

Uganda has proved to have a good fashion vision and future for their nation and design industry as a whole. Many developing brands like Abryanz by Ugandan celebrated designer Ahumuza Brian “Abryanz”

Abryanz displays his collection at a fashion show in Juba South Sudan

Fling fire brand an apparel representing Kampala and Uganda at a whole.

Fling fire brand

And many more fashion brands representing Uganda.

Ashunter Lubega an actor, model and designer in an interview with HuntrMania stated that actually African art is the Future of fashion, it has represented the world for many decades and still will.

African art is what actually defines us, depicts us and for Africa it represents us. I don’t want to limit my creativity as a creative that’s the reason I like representing my home through film, music and fashion, these to me have the biggest message and greatest influence to the youth today in Africa and the entire planet.

Ashunter Lubega
Photograph by Shutterbug


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