Africa: Rickman Manrick Collaborates With Eddy Kenzo On a Track Titled “Enjoyment”

ENJOYMENT a collaboration between Rickman Manrick and Celebrated African artist Eddy Kenzo to drop on 1st February.

Ugandan artists Rickman Manrick and BET award winner Eddy Kenzo have collaborated on a new song titled Enjoyment.

Some of the behind the scenes shots of the ENJOYMENT track by Rickman Manrick and Eddy Kenzo styled by Abryanz. Photography by Tukuba Foto

Rickman shared the news today on his Instagram stating that in January 2020 he received a call from the big talent boss Eddy Kenzo at 7am in the morning telling him to meet in studio by 8am. Rickman had to travel back to Sweden but Eddy Kenzo made sure they track “ENJOYMENT” .

You sang about the word “ENJOYMENT” but I want us to sing about it more because it’s a good word.

Eddy Kenzo stated.

Rickman thanked Eddy Kenzo for appreciating his work and giving him the opportunity to work on a Track with him.

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