Adele releases new visuals of Oh My God by Sam Brown

Adele released a music video for her latest single, “Oh My God,” on Wednesday —  and it’s jam-packed with dancers, balloons, apples, wooden chairs and at least one horse.

The trippy black-and-white video, directed by Sam Brown, who also helmed the video for “Rolling in the Deep,” opens on an image of an apple atop a wooden chair. The camera quickly glides over to Adele, 33, who’s sitting on a wooden chair of her own. Before you know it, another Adele pops up behind her and she’s singing, too. Multiple Adeles? Like everything else in the video, this definitely feels symbolic.

huntrmania adele

Soon, we see a toppled wooden chair with apples lying around it. The apples likely remind fans that Adele shared a photo of herself in a red ballgown days ago that showed her channeling Snow White, or perhaps the evil queen, while holding an apple in her hand.

huntrmania adele

As a bunch of balloons cause yet another wooden chair to float in the air, dancers move about with their arms flailing. Someone is seen applying lipstick, while another person quietly reads a book. Later, we’ll see a wooden chair burning in flames.

Meanwhile, two more Adeles show up, singing in full glam in front of brightly lit circles. Do they represent spotlights? Or maybe halos? Seconds later, we see Adele sporting a retro hairstyle with flipped-out ends as dancers in vintage clothes perform throwback moves in some kind of subconscious sock hop.

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